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About James

This is where I talk about me.  This is where I tell you I've won awards for my marketing and sales volume.  This is where I tell you that I've worked in this industry since 2002, in two highly competitive markets, San Francisco and Washington, DC.  This is also where I tell you that I've given it "all" up multiple times to live abroad and work from the other side of this business, the side I love:  marketing and business development. 

Enter, Deedable.

I've worked with hundreds of agents across the country, even in Mexico and Canada.  I've trained, molded, guided, advised, name it.  I'd like to think I've changed careers and lives for the better and added some excitement to my clients' work.  And now, I've wrapped it all up in a neat little package and launched Deedable.

My professional joy? I truly get riled up and excited about new ideas for real estate.  Just read the reviews past clients have written!  

So, that said, who am I on a personal level?  

The meaning of life to me is "experience" and from experiences comes "joy".  It was instilled in my at an early age, but I couldn't put words to the feelings until recently.

I was born in Singapore and lived in Ireland before I was five.  We moved to Wyoming in the early 80's where I graduated high school.  I joined the Navy to see the world and promptly got sent to a land-based assignment near Fresno, California.  Meh, it was actually a great opportunity as I made rank quickly and was able to complete a lot of my undergraduate degree.  I ultimately graduated from the University of San Francisco with a degree in Applied Economics.  Fun fact:  my least favorite class in high school was economics. 

I love being abroad and traveling.  I love Mexico.  I love Europe.  I can't wait to get to other continents. I have worked long hours, giving up nights and weekends for years, just so I can take longer trips.  I always tend to work from wherever I'm at, as well, just to extend my time.

I am moving to (or, by the time you read this, live in) Delft, Netherlands with my partner, Peter and our two fur-nephews, Ajax and Frankie.  We inherited these amazing dogs when my best friend, Joe passed away.  We took care of Joe for the last ten months of life and now, we take care of these two knuckleheads.  We own a 350 year old building (a shop space with an apartment above and the quaintest little courtyard) that is a Dutch National Monument located on an historic canal in the heart of a medieval town.  This period of my life has been amazing for reflecting on what brings me joy, both personally and professionally. 

I've never been so giddy about life. 

The world is a wonderful place.

What brings you joy?




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