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Coaching & Consulting

Want personalized help? Put my 18 years of experience to work in your business by becoming a private coaching or consulting client.


"James' mind works at another level from the rest of us humans. Because of his creativity, my sales material was unique, compelling and always impressive."

Shelly S.
Residential Agent


Coaching is a long-term relationship.  Our focus will be on business planning and development for your long-term success over a period of three or six months.


Who is coaching a good fit for?

  • Veteran agents looking to break the mold.
  • 2nd career agents who want to capitalize on their prior career skills and map them to real estate.
  • New agents that want to stand out from the beginning.
Signals that you will benefit from coaching:
  • You are stuck in your old ways of doing business and want to deploy new strategies to make money and save time.
  • You want to increase bandwidth and scale without becoming a robot or beholden to an app.
  • You have a desire to surge ahead, and keep agents nipping at your heels trying to catch up.
  • You want to settle the schoolyard “tug-of-war” fight between new tech companies and the old school “Avon agent” (think glamour shot and pink Cadillac).


I offer consulting on an hourly basis for agents who have an immediate and specific need for guidance.  My 18 years of experience is yours for an hour.

Agents come to me with a myriad of needs.  What can we accomplish in an hour?

  • Grow your business with a new marketing campaign
  • Adjust and tweak your social media efforts
  • Guide you through tough negotiations of a contract
  • Create a custom listing presentation for you to land that big project
  • Help you over a hump, maybe you’re almost there and just need a booster shot in the arm

Examples of Consulting work I do:

  • Print marketing
  • Online marketing
  • Seller presentations
  • Buyer consultations
  • Large development project marketing
  • Targeting Developers
  • New construction finish and fixture selections, layout and floor plan guidance
  • Additional revenue streams
  • Contract negotiation

"I worked with James for years as he provided marketing, design and social media services for our real estate brokerage and directly to our agents. He created some of the best marketing pieces I've seen in my 25 years in the business and added much value to our endeavors during our collaboration."

Patrick C.
Chief Market Analyst, Compass

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Get ready to be wild and free.  Yes, in real estate.

I have a brain that doesn't stop thinking of ideas.  I have to write them down somewhere and that somewhere is a weekly email to my students.  Sometimes they are obvious and I get dozens of "Oh man, why didn't I think of that" responses.  Other times it's "How on earth did you come up with that?!" 

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